Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Why are we here? Isn’t this one of the fundamental questions that have dogged humanity since the dawn of history? The answer my not be immediately obvious to the casual listener to today’s readings, but then, we’re not casual listeners, are we? However the answer is right in front of us in the Scripture readings that were chosen for us in today’s liturgy. What were we like when we first got here? Let me explain. Craig and I were loyal fans of the TV series Big Bang Theory. The main characters were Sheldon and Leonard. Leonard’s mother, Beverly (played by Continue Reading →

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today, we start a new chapter in our yearly pilgrimage, walking in the footsteps of the Master. We’ve had the Epiphany. We’ve been introduced to Jesus, the Son of God, the light of revelation to the nations, the Word of God made flesh. We’re invited to begin our journey with a passage from John’s gospel that broadens the spotlight from Jesus alone to include us: you and me. Of course, John’s gospel began with a new Genesis. Rather than, “In the beginning, God created…” we have, “In the beginning was the Word.” There is no more significant statement in the Continue Reading →

The Baptism of the Lord

Today ends the liturgical season that began in December with the weeks of Advent. Over the past couple of months, we’ve been introduced to a number of themes that are very important for our spiritual lives. First, there’s the themes of advent itself: the coming of the Savior and our preparation for it. Remember that God always makes the first move. God’s coming into the world–into God’s creation and even that creation itself happens first. Our preparing ourselves to receive it is our response. But, without that preparation, we remain blind and deaf to God’s self-revelation. The second set of Continue Reading →