Anxiety and the Undiagnosed Spectrum

Mindfulness, awareness, or consciousness are a necessary foundation for living a happy, essentially anxiety-free existence. However, sometimes that alone is not sufficient. Sometimes, it’s necessary to work to gain the understanding necessary to interpret what our mindfulness is presenting to us. Continue Reading →

Has gay spirituality been cancelled?

Whatever the reason, whether or not gay spirituality has been cancelled or not has no effect on my life. I’m one of those rare birds: a gay spiritual practitioner. But what about those LGBTQ+ people for whom spirituality is either something shameful or not at all a viable option? Continue Reading →

Prayer: why bother?

Does praying into the Void make a lot of sense? As far as accomplishing anything significant, not much. It provides some comfort and consolation and maybe a bit of guidance on those rare occasions when the Void responds. People may be entirely justified wondering what’s the point. How often, in reality, does prayer change the outcome of any situation? What are the chances that I’ll get to change God’s mind? Continue Reading →